1. Introduction and Consent

Dear Centro Friend,

We would like to ask for your participation in a very important research project that explores how stress varies from one neighborhood to another. We are working on this project because we want to ensure that Latino population is well represented in the study that is being conducted by Dr. Mimi Abramovitz, Hunter College Social Work and Dr. Jochen Albrecht, Hunter College Department of Geography.

The attached short survey takes about 10 minutes to complete. It does not ask for your name or street address. That is, it is anonymous. Because this data will be used to create maps all we are asking for your zip code, the intersection nearest to where you live (e.g. Lexington Avenue and 15th St.) and your city. If you decide to participate, after these first three questions you can skip any question or stop the interview at any time. It will have no impact on your relationship with Centro. Your participation is voluntary.

You have received the survey electronically via Survey Monkey, a web-based, password-protected survey distribution system. You will be able to complete and submit the survey electronically. If you do not complete it at one sitting you can return to it later on. The is minimal risk to you in taking this survey, but the information that you provide will be beneficial to the Latino community.

The survey is confidential. All identifying information (i.e., email and IP address) will be separated from your responses before the researchers see or analyze the data). All final reports will be based on aggregate data and will not identify particular individuals. The completed surveys are stored on Survey Monkey’s secure web site. If printed, they will be stored in a locked cabinet in Professor Abramovitz’s office for three years. After that all material will be destroyed.

We hope that you will take a few minutes to complete this survey and help us understand the dynamics of stress. This information is especially important today given the economic hard times that we are all living through.

By answering the following questions you are consenting/agreeing to be part of this study. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any questions about your rights as a volunteer interviewee or about the study please contact Hunter College IRB (212) 650-3053 or Mimi Abramovitz, Hunter School of Social Work 212-452-7106.

Edwin Melendez
Director, Center for Puerto Rican Studies
Hunter College, CUNY