* 1. Name & Address

* 2. What is your general opinion of the condition of the railway bridge that crosses N Church St?

* 3. If the town decides to enhance the bridge, given the options below please rank your preference (1 being your first choice and 4 being your last choice):

Example #1

Example #1

* 4. If the town decides to enhance the abutments, please choose your preference below:

Murals/Stone Abutments Examples

Murals/Stone Abutments Examples

* 5. If the town painted the bridge, what color would you prefer the bridge to be painted?

* 6. Would you like to see the underside of the bridge affixed with color changing LED lighting that could be changed based on the season, event or holiday?

* 7. Do you think surveys are a good way for the town to collect the opinion of citizens on subjects such as this one?

* 8. Is there anything else you would like to add in regards to the refurbishing of the N. Church St. Railroad Bridge?

100% of survey complete.