* 1. *A vox pop (short for vox populi, which is latin for “voice of the people”) is a brief quote from members of the public. These were featured in past volumes of The Canberra Disability Review, particularly in Volume 4 (on health and disability) – and generally de-identified, with names changed.

For more details on the Volume 5 theme see the PWD ACT website: 

If any aspect of the topic strikes a chord, you can email your response to Siobhan at projects@pwdact.org.au

Or if you would prefer to contribute anonymously we have created this online survey.  Please respond to as many questions as you wish:

How do ideas of “the body” fit in to your sense of identity?

* 2. What are the strangest or funniest ways that people have reacted to your body?

* 3. Tell us about the importance of role models and leaders with disabilities in your life:

* 4. Any other reflections you wish to share on “diverse bodies and abilities” and/or disability representation and leadership:

* 5. How can communities and forums of people with disabilities be made more accommodating and inclusive of all types of disability and of different experiences of disability?

* 6. How does having a disability/disabilites intersect and interact with other aspects of your identity? (For instance your cultural background/ sexuality/ gender/age…)

* 7. What does “intersectionality” mean to you?

* 8. How can disability services/systems/policies better meet the needs of different diversity groups?

* 9. Any other reflections you wish to share on diversity and disability: