Survey Online Digital Training & Events 2021

ONLYCORECHEM Academy is preparing the Online Training programme for 2021.

ONLYCORECHEM Events is preparing the upcoming Online/Digital Conferences and Exhibitions for 2021.

We thank you in advance for your collaboration indicating the areas/topics of most interest in our Survey.

Please indicate below in question number 4 your contacts (email address) so that we can send you a 150 EUR voucher that includes 75 EUR discount for Online Training Courses plus 75 EUR discount for Digital Events taking place in 2021.

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* 1. What are the areas of most interest for Online Training Courses taking place Live and Recorded?

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* 2. How do you prefer Online Training Courses?

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* 3. What are the areas of most interest for Online Digital Events?

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* 4. Contacts - email address to receive voucher 150 EUR: