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* 1. Describe your current position?

* 2. Do you think current traditional nephrology teaching tools (Textbooks, conferences, journals, uptodate etc.)are adequate and interesting?

Do you think the following teaching tools are useful, more interactive and should be routinely used for training Nephrology fellows, residents and medical students?

(Answer Questions 3-7)

* 3. Online Physician’s driven Blog’s: For example


* 4. Online University based educational Blog’s


* 5. ASN Kidney News: Detective Nephron
“Sherlock Holmes” and “Dr House” like Dr Nephron with the help of his little detective LOH (Little Old Henle) solves challenging systemic diseases with one lab value. This interactive, comical, educational series is published in ASN Kidney News Quaterly.

(See January 2010 and June 2010 Editions of ASN Kidney News for Detective Nephron Publications)

* 6. Kidney International: Nephrology Cross Words:

(See May 2010 and June 2010 publications of Kidney International for examples of published crosswords)

* 7. Role Playing: Interactive teaching tool:

Fellow and resident driven teaching tool. For example, each participant plays the role of an assigned immunosuppressive agent, with a brief introduction followed by discussions and debates (staying, of course, in character). This tool is extrapolated further to involve disease states, devices and techniques depending on the topic of discussion.

* 8. Do you think that incorporating these above mentioned, innovative tools to teach residents and students will increase their interest and help them choose nephrology as a career?