Rite of Supremacy: Meridian Feedback Survey

RoS: Meridian was a Dark Brotherhood event that took place from 10/13 to 11/19. This Rite of Supremacy was a Vendetta event, but was meant to occupy a lower tier of importance relative to an event such as a Great Jedi War. This event encompassed three phases that lasted a little over one week, and a single event long phase that lasted the full duration of the event. In total, there were 13 possible bins for members to have completed, each with multiple competitions per bin.

This survey will contain questions that cover the entire event, then more specific questions for graphics, gaming, fiction, and other competitions. The following questions will help provide feedback for the competition organizers such that we can improve future Vendetta events. 

Most questions are optional, so if you do not wish to answer a given question, you do not need to.

Thank you.

Question Title

* 1. Did you participate in RoS: Meridian?