of Virtual Reality (VR), 360 Degree Video, in Particular, on Library Orientation for Library Patrons

A team of a VR specialist and a librarian created a two-step 360 degree library orientation. The first step is a virtual library tour led by the VR specialist and the librarian and the second step is a still-image 360 degree environment for self-exploration. The goal of the project is to establish if the two-step library orientation can supplement and/or replace a real F2F library tour, thus making “anytime/anywhere library tour” to patrons. Please let us know, if more information is needed:;

Please view the following videos:
Step 1. Watch the following video: MillerCenter360 2 (5min)

Step 2. Watch the second video: Click on the link below (take as much time as you need)

1. You can view both videos on desktop/laptop and/or any mobile device. You will be able to see all information, but on a flat screen versus the 3D surrounding of the VR.

2.  You can view both videos in VR mode, using Google Cardboard goggles ( If you don’t have goggles and would like to borrow a pair for preview, as well as, if you need directions how to operate, please contact Mark Gill (, 320-308-5605).

After completion of the video overview, please respond to the following questions: