* 1. What additional benefits, if any, would you like to see as a Student member of the ACN? Feel free to review the current benefits as laid out on the ACN website.  Keep in mind that involvement in the Mentorship Program has not been added there yet as a benefit.

* 2. Scholarships:  What requirements would you like to see offered for scholarship/award opportunities to attend the annual ACN conference? (Currently, a scholarship is offered based on an abstract submission and presentation).

* 3. Networking:  In terms of networking with your peers, do you feel it is more important to be connected with classmates at your school, classmates with a region or classmates that share a similar interest? (check all that apply)

* 4. To help form interest groups, what special interests do you feel passionate about? (i.e. certain health condition(s), research, education, practice set up, etc.) . Include as many as you wish. 

* 5. Would you be interested in being a leader to a group mentioned above if they were formed?

* 6. Networking: Have you joined the Students in Nutrition Movement Facebook group?

* 7. Mentorship: Will you be taking advantage of the new mentorship program?

* 8. Mentorship: If you plan on participating in the mentorship program, what area(s) are you most interested in for mentoring?  Choose all that apply.

* 9. As a student, what else would you like to see from the Students in Nutrition Movement as a group?  Please provide as many suggestions as you wish too, including any details you feel are important.