1. How walkable is your community?

Everyone benefits from walking. Along with improved fitness and cleaner air, walking reduces the risk of certain health problems and promotes a greater sense of community. But walking needs to be safe and easy. Use this checklist to decide if your neighborhood is a friendly place to walk. Simply print off the checklist and take it with you on your next walk. As you walk, pay attention to what is working, but also note the location of things you would like to change. Enter your checklist results back into the computer survey when you return from your walk. At the end of the survey is a website to check out for ideas and resources on how to work toward fixing identified problems.

* 1. Location of walk. Please give a general description of the route you walked. (i.e. up 4th St. N to 12th Ave. N and back)

* 2. Zip code of where you walked.

* 3. Did you have room to walk safely?

* 4. If no, please check all that apply

* 5. Was it easy to cross streets?

* 6. If no, please check all that apply

* 7. Did drivers behave well?

* 8. If no, please check all that apply

* 9. Was your walk pleasant?

* 10. If no, please check all that apply

* 11. Other concerns (Fill in any problems or issues identified that were not covered above.)

Thank you for completing the checklist! If you printed this survey, please make sure to enter your findings back into the on-line survey upon returning from your walk.

Now that you have identified the problems, go to www.fitfargo.com for suggestions on how to improve your community's walkability.