* 1. NAME OF COMPANY (optional)

* 2. OFFICE/DESIGNATION (optional)

* 3. Tick whichever is applicable. You are a:

* 4. Lawyer?

* 5. Specify the nature of your interaction with the Ship registry.
(E.g. I came to register my ship / I came as agent of ship owner).

* 6. Date of interaction.
(If multiple interactions, provide date(s) ).

* 7. How long did it take the ship registry to process your request?

* 8. Rate your experience with the ship registry.

* 9. Give reason for your assessment in 7.

* 10. What in your opinion are the most pressing challenges of the ship registry? (Tick all that applies).

* 11. Describe what you recommend to be done to address your major concern identified in "9" above.

* 12. Do you have any experience with foreign ship registries?

* 13. If your answer to 11 is yes, specify the international registry and the business you conducted with them.

* 14. List areas where you think the Nigerian Ship Registry can learn from / emulate the foreign registries.

* 15. What is your opinion about the public / international perception of the Nigerian flag?

* 16. What do you think needs to be done to attract more ship owne´╗┐rs to the Nigerian flag?

* 17. Any other pertinent observations.