The Support Unit has begun planning for a series of knowledge products that will be developed for the NDC Partnership over the next two years. The primary types of products that are currently planned include expert perspectives, case studies and more in-depth research papers, along with an annual report on the state of NDC implementation.

The expert perspectives will be short papers by thought leaders from around the world that provide perspective on key issues that countries will need to address in the coming years as they work to implement their NDCs in a manner that is aligned with their SDGs. The first expert perspectives are expected to focus on aspects of adaptation, finance, ambition, the transport sector, and building energy use. We welcome input on topics for future perspectives below.

The case studies will take a closer look at how individual countries or sub-national actors have implemented climate, sustainable development or related policies. The intent is to provide examples from individual or multiple countries, from sub-national actors, or from the private sector to illuminate successful or unsuccessful approaches from which other countries can learn.

We are also identifying topics where more in-depth research might be useful to the NDC Partnership community in the coming years.

Finally, we are considering development of an annual report on the state of NDC implementation that would be published in time for COP 23 in November.

We invite you to provide feedback through the questions below on specific topics and approaches for these knowledge products, and information on your experience to date with NDC implementation. You may turn in the survey at the Steering Committee meeting, or provide your input via email to Thank you for your assistance!

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