* 1. What is your favorite flavor of Galcon?

* 2. How many hours do you play Galcon every week?

* 3. Roughly how long have you been playing Galcon?

* 4. How did you hear about Galcon?

* 5. Why did you buy Galcon?

* 6. What game achievement systems would you like to see added to Galcon?

* 7. Would you invite friends from that achievement system to play Galcon with you?

* 8. What kinds of "In App Purchases" would you make in Galcon?

* 9. Would you buy a single player campaign edition of Galcon?

* 10. Would you be interested in a freemium MMO version of Galcon?

* 11. What would get more of your friends to buy Galcon?

* 12. Would you join a super-fan-club mailing list to get in on more betas / surveys / whatever?