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Now that you have fulfilled the NY Forward reopening safety mandates for your industry, we welcome you to participate in the SchoCo Promise!

The SchoCo Promise is meant to reward businesses that have completed the NY Forward "Affirmation" process and willingly implement safety guidelines, designed to keep our community HEALTHY and our businesses OPEN!

How did the SchoCo Promise come about?  In May 2020, local business owners were invited to volunteer on the SchoCo Forward Business Reopening/Recovery Task Force. The Business Task Force noticed that safety practices of both proprietors and patrons had become inconsistent. SchoCo Promise was launched to demonstrate a commitment made by businesses to respect and protect the health, safety and well-being of employees and visitors from near and far. 

If you've followed the NY Forward safety protocols, you're MORE than half way to earning your SchoCo Promise designation! This questionnaire will take you through the steps necessary to confirm your participation in the SchoCo Promise. Upon your successful designation, your business will receive:

* A SchoCo Promise Designation Certificate that can be displayed inside your business and on your business' social media platforms

* Window Clings, designating your business as a SchoCo Promise participant

* Access to Exclusive Resources like shared business safety plans and SchoCo Promise signs encouraging safety and prioritizing public health 

* Inclusion in Marketing Opportunities like social media posts, website features and special advertising, sponsored by the Schoharie County Economic Alliance (SEEC, Destination Marketing Corp, Schoharie County Chamber of Commerce and Sharon Springs Chamber of Commerce)

BEFORE you begin the SchoCo Promise designation process, please know that you will asked to upload:

1. The "Business Affirmation" certificate received from NY State, after affirming your business on the NY Forward website.

2. A copy of the Business Safety Plan your business prepared to satisfy your NY Forward reopening (optional upload).

Acceptable file formats for these documents include PDF, WORD DOC, PNG, JPEG or GIF. File size is limited to 16 MB.
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