RedThread Research is conducting research on people analytics technology. Our goal is to make this research the most comprehensive information on this market. This survey is for people analytics technology vendors and will be open until May 3. If you would like a PDF of this survey to assist you with planning your responses or more information, please contact Emily Sanders at emily@redthreadresearch.com. You can learn more about this research here.

RedThread is conducting all data collection and analysis. Your specific responses will only be shared within the research team. For the report, no individual responses will be shared, though we may place your organization into a category or categories based, at least in part, on your responses. We will also be conducting vendor briefings / demos and practitioner interviews during the spring and summer of 2019. Please note, we will follow-up on your survey responses during the vendor briefings / demos and will use the cumulative information to inform the research. The final study will be published in the fall of 2019.

As a thank you for participation, you will receive a summary of our initial interview insights within the next few weeks. Upon completion of the research, you will receive a copy of the study’s executive summary. Thank you in advance for your time and energy!

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Any data or information provided by me as a part of this survey may be used by RedThread Research in connection with this survey, other studies, or analyses performed by RedThread Research or in connection with services provided by RedThread Research or otherwise. Any information I share will only be reported in aggregate or categories unless specifically agreed to in writing. This survey is the property of RedThread Research and the study’s sponsors, Insight222 LLC and PAFOW / the Talent Strategy Institute.

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