Thank you for taking the 2017 NW Green Home Tour! We hope you enjoyed learning more about green building and appreciate your feedback on the tour. If you enjoyed the tour, we encourage you to share something(s) that you learned or that excited you with friends and family.

* 1. Which days did you take the tour?

* 2. How would you rate your overall experience on the tour?

* 3. How did you find your way around?

* 4. Why did you take the tour? (Check all that apply)

* 5. How well did the event meet the above expectations? Was it...?

* 6. Have you attended or participated in previous Seattle/NW Green Home Tours?

* 7. Is there something that you were hoping to see that wasn't offered, including particular sites or green features?

* 8. Would you take the tour again?

* 9. Please rate the sites you visited and vote for your favorite

  My Favorite (Choose only 1) Excellent Good Poor
S1 - Columbia City Backyard Cottage
S2 - Columbia City Net Zero (under construction)
S3 - Molly's Pocket Mansion (W Seattle)
S4 - West Seattle Nursery
S5 - Modern-Retro Westside Kitchen (W Seattle)
S6 - Deep Green Westwood Addition (W Seattle)
N1 - Greenhome Solutions (store on Nickerson)
N2 - Homegrown Trailers (@ Greenhome Solutions)
N3 - Wallingford Passive House
N4 - Frelard Net Zero Ready
N5 - Journey Beyond Net Zero (West Woodland)
N6 - Loyal Heights Remodel (under construction)
N7 - Drinking Rainwater in Ballard
N8 - Sustainable Dreams, Lake Ballinger
N9 - CoHollow in Lake City
N10 - Green, Inside and Out (Mapleleaf)
N11 - Contemporary Wedgwood Kitchen
N12 - View Ridge RainWise, Permaculture & Passive Solar Home
N13 - Light House (Windermere)
N14 - RainWise Gardens in Windermere

* 10. Do you have any other comments, questions, or feedback?