According to our records, you were a parent involved in a family law case in which a guardian ad litem was appointed. We welcome your response to this survey and appreciate your taking the time to answer the survey questions. We would ask please that you respond to the survey within the next fourteen days.

We want to assure you that if you respond to the survey, your survey responses will be anonymous. Your responses will be combined with responses from other people who have responded to their own survey, and all of the responses received will be summarized in a report. That report will be used in the evaluation process of guardian ad litem services.

Because we want to ensure the integrity of the survey process, only one survey may be submitted by each parent.

PLEASE NOTE: The information received from any survey will not change the outcome of any completed case. The information received from any survey will not result in any action taken against, or commendation for, a particular guardian ad litem. Completion of the survey will not serve in any way as a motion, appeal or complaint by any party challenging the outcome of a case, or as a complaint about the services of the guardian ad litem.

* 1. Did an attorney represent you?

* 2. Did an attorney represent the other parent?

* 3. Did the GAL meet with your child(ren)?

* 4. Did the GAL express your child(ren)’s wishes to the court?

* 5. Did the GAL speak with all of the people who the court required him or her to contact?

* 6. Did the GAL file his/her written report in the timeframe ordered?

* 7. Was the GAL’s report understandable?

* 8. Was the GAL’s report accurate?

* 9. Did the GAL agree with your position?

* 10. Did the GAL help the parties to resolve any of the issues in the case?

* 11. Did the GAL treat you with courtesy and respect?

* 12. If you have any comments or ideas that you are willing to share about how to improve GAL services, please include them here.