* 1. Please rate the following aspects of ISTAT Americas 2017 - Conference and Hotel:

  Very Good Good Neutral Poor Very Poor Does Not Apply
Location - San Diego, CA, USA
Advance Registration Process
NEW Onsite Registration Process
Housing Reservation Process
The Hub
Jet Fuel Cafe

* 2. Please rate the value of the content shared during the following sessions:

  Very Good Good Neutral Poor Very Poor Did Not Attend
Keynote Address - Adam Pilarksi
Large Aircraft Panel
The Future of Air Cargo
Regional Aircraft Panel
Monday Lessor Panel
Appraiser Panel
Part-out Economics vs. Economic Lives
Airline Panel
Finance Panel
Lessor CEO Panel

* 3. What additional topics would you like to see covered at future ISTAT events?

* 4. With 1 being most desired and 7 being least desired, please rank these potential future ISTAT Americas locations.

* 5. What type of location do you prefer as the location for the next ISTAT Americas conference?

* 6. Did you attend the ISTAT Appraisers 101 Session on Sunday, 5 March?