Nominations open now through 11:00 pm (ET) Thur Oct. 16.

Who has consistently demonstrated our core values all year long?
Each year HealthStream recognizes our finest employees with the Super Star Award.

Our winners are chosen from among nominations submitted by their peers – HealthStream employees who have observed them constantly rising above and beyond all year long. We need you to tell their story!

Super Star Eligibility
  • Must be an employee of HealthStream, Inc. or any of its companies as of January 1 including any companies acquired since Jan. 1. Contractors and interns are ineligible.
  • Must remain employed as of their Holiday Party this December.
  • Self-nomination is not permitted: Please ensure you don't accidentally enter your nominee's name immediately below where your name is requested. Entries with the same name for submitter and nominees are immediately disqualified.
  • Contributions and achievements by your nominee from Q4 of last year forward may be considered.

Submissions must be distinct.
  • Submitters must be HealthStream employees.
  • One nominee and one submitter. Group nominations are not permitted.
  • Write-ups must be original. Don't copy-and-paste the same/similarly worded write-ups for the same nominee from different submitters.

Write-Ups Guidelines
* Draft your write-up in another program (Word, email) if you wish to keep a copy.
* Tell a story with specifics: Include details.
* Be concise: Should be read in about 30 – 45 seconds (about 10 sentences).
Submissions that are too long or too vague may not be considered.

Each winner will receive an award of $1,000 and a Super Star Crystal statue with their name etched.
Winners and nominees will be honored at their local office early next year at a special Super Star event.
Winners are determined by blind vote (i.e., names removed) of the Excellence In Action employee-driven team.
HealthStream recognizes one Super Star Winner for every ~150 employees company-wide.
There are no location or geographic considerations: Winners may come from any office and among remote employees.
All nominees will receive an email copy of their nominations.


Only one nominator per nominee: Group submissions cannot be accepted.

If you wish to remain anonymous, your name will not be shared with the nominee. (We must have your name on record to validate submissions. Nominations without a valid name cannot be considered.)

* 1. Submitter: Your First and Last Name:

β€œIn the full spirit of individual integrity, the name I provide below is MY name. I am submitting this nomination honestly and independently and without coordination with the nominee (whose name will be provided on the next page).”

* 2. Would you like to be revealed or anonymous?
If you select anonymous, your name is still required but will not be shared. Nominees appreciate knowing who nominated them.

* 3. Submitter's Location/Affiliation: