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For birth to five programs currently operating in Virginia who want to have their curriculum reviewed, the first step is to complete the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) Curriculum Pre-Submission Checklist. Prior to requesting an in-depth curriculum review by VDOE, programs should:
  1. Carefully review the National Center for Early Childhood Development, Teaching, and Learning (NCECDTL) high-quality indicators for Early Childhood curricula (go to the website and select the type of curricula in use by your program— Infant and Toddler, Preschool or Family Child Care). The VDOE rubric for in-depth curriculum reviews is similar to the tool developed by NCECDTL. 
  2. Ensure the baseline criteria for high-quality early childhood curriculum (included in this pre-submission checklist) are met. 
Note: Completion of this checklist does not guarantee a VDOE Curriculum Review. VDOE will make this determination based on your checklist results. In 2022-2023, programs that are participating in Practice Year 2 of VQB5 will be prioritized for curriculum reviews, if eligible.  

Completion Considerations:
●     There are only 8 reflection questions in this checklist; however, you should plan to take at least 30 minutes to complete this checklist, especially because we will ask you to review information on a website. Your responses will be saved for later completion.
●     You may want to consider completing this checklist with other program leaders.
●     Programs already using curriculum from the VDOE-approved list do not need to complete this checklist/request a curriculum review.
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