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Affordable housing has been an on-going discussion item for the Mill Valley City Council due to community concerns about housing costs that continue to outpace household incomes. We are also interested in balancing the City's two General Plan goals of maintaining our unique small town character while also encouraging the continued diversity of housing and income levels in the City.  
Listed below and further illustrated are a few recent statistics related to housing in Mill Valley and the impact to the City's local workforce.
  • $289,000 = Household income needed to buy a median priced house in Mill Valley (MV)
  • 18% = California households that can afford a house in Marin County
  • $49/hour = Wage to afford the median rent of a 1 bedroom apartment in MV 
  • $117,000/year = Salary required to afford the median rent of a 2-bedroom apartment in MV
  • 91% of the Mill Valley workforce live outside the City
  • 25+ mile commute = One-way commute for 33% of workers in MV

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Mill Valley Snapshot

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Housing Costs Continue to Outpace Incomes

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