The Bio-Link Depot is interested in learning more about the equipment and supply needs you have. This will help us target certain types of donations when we outreach to industry. Feel free to provide as much detail as you can on your wish list items. 

* 1. Contact Info

* 2. Rank how much you need the following supplies:

  No need Some need moderate need Desired Highly Desired
Glassware (beakers, flasks, tubes, etc.)
Plasticware (Petri dishes, pipette tips, etc.)
General Lab Supplies (brushes, clamps, crucibles, racks, etc.)
Apparel & Cleanroom Supplies

* 3. Rank how much you need the following equipment:

  No need Some need moderate need Desired Highly Desired
Analytical (Bioanalyzer, Cell Analyzer, Crystallography, etc.)
Autoclave / Sterilizer
Balances & Scales
Bioreactor / Fermenter
Cell Counting / Sorting
Chemistry (Dissolution System, Fraction Collector, etc.)
Chromatography (FPLC System, Fraction Collector, HPLC )
Cold Storage (Freezer, Refrigerator, chiller, etc.)
Electrophoresis (Gel Elution System, Light Box, Power Supply, etc.)
Heating (Incubator, Incubator Shakers, ovens, dry baths, hot plates, etc.)
Histology (Section Dryer, Slide Moat, Slide Warmer, Staining, etc.)
Hoods (Fume hood, biosafety cabinet) 
Homogenizer & Stirrers
Liquid Handling (Dispensing Equipment, Fraction Collector, Hand Syphon)
Lyophilizer & Speed Vac
Mass Spectrometry (GC /MS, ICP / MS)
Meters (Electrode / Probe, Gas Detector, Hydrometers)
Microscopy (Microscopes)
Molecular Biology (DNA Blotter, DNA Purification System)
Radioactive Detection
Robotic & Automation
Safety Equipment
Spectrometer & Plate Reader
Spectrometer & Single Well
Testing Equipment (Calorimeter, Colorimeter, etc.)
Tools, Instruments (cutter, scalpels, drill)
Water Bath & Circulators

* 4. Please enter any other items not included in your previous comments: