1. Introduction

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* 1. Please indicate the size of your organization

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* 2. Is your organization engaged in the following?

  Currently Yes Not currently, but did in the past No, but will be in the near future No Unsure
Providing employee health assessments
Monitoring and reporting benefits useage
Establishing wellness benchmarks including baseline data and claims data
Offering stress/health/wellness programs
Evaluating stress/health/wellness programs
Utilizing a Workplace Wellness Committe
Tied 'wellness' to vision, mission, goals and strategic plan of organization
Tied management success to wellness goals
Utilized incentives to encourage participation
Secured senior level support and involvement
Implemented a communication plan for promotion

Question Title

* 3. What challenges are impacting your wellness programming or why is your company not offering a comprehensive wellness plan?

  Not at all Somewhat Definitely
Lack Corporate Awareness of Issues or Wellness Concept
Lack of Leadership Support
Lack of Employee Support
Lack of Staff Resources To Co-ordinate
Lack of Other Resources To Co-ordinate
Unconvinced of Cost Savings

Question Title

* 4. Which of the following health risks do you see as a concern in your organization?

  Yes, this is a concern for many Yes, this is a concern for a few No, this is not a concern
Lack of stress management skills
Lack of exercise
Inability to re-energize
Inability to balance work and personal life
Inability to handle workplace personality issues
Poor nutrition
Drug or alcohol abuse
Inability to maintain good health during shift work
Inability to feel control over work

Question Title

* 5. If you are involved in employee wellness, what is your organizations's motivation for offering wellness programs? Please indicate one as the main reason. If you are not involved, please indicate in comment box below.

  Main reason Secondary reason Not a reason
Employee Requests
Benefit Cost Containment Including WSIB and Disability Premiums
Reduce Absenteeism
Promote Healthy Lifestyle for Healthy Employees
Increase Workplace Satisfaction, Morale and Engagement
Employee Recruitment - Become Employer Of Choice
Increase Employee Retention
Increase Productivity