If you are aged between 12 and 25 years we at the Shire of Victoria Plains want to hear from you!
We are seeking your views as to how you think the Victoria Plains communities could be better places and provide better experiences for young people.

For example….
1. Do you think young people (such as yourself and your friends) feel safe, included, respected and supported?
2. Do you feel that you/young people's opinions and ideas are considered and valued when decisions are made in the community?
3. How can community places and spaces be improved so that these are more welcoming and enjoyable for youth?

The VP Open Doors project is your chance to give us your honest opinion as to how we can make Victoria Plains a better place for young people.

This project will be running from April to July, including this Survey and youth-based workshops.The results will be collected and provided to our Shire and community members so they can consider how to improve the Shire's communities for young people.

We hope that you will use this opportunity to have your voice heard. We also ask that you send the VP Open Doors Survey to your friends and encourage them to complete it too. The Survey will take around 10 minutes to complete. (While you do not have to answer all the questions the more you do the more we can consider your views!)

For more information about the VP Open Doors Youth Project or Survey please contact,
Jaime Hawkins, Community Development Officer, Shire of Victoria Plains
Phone: 9628 7004 / 0499 330 519 or Email: