Welcome to The Ability Experience cycling events online grant application. We thank you for considering The Ability Experience as a prospective partner in your work and encourage you to review the Cycling Event Grant Application Guide for more information on our cycling event grants before completing this online submission form. The information submitted will be used to assess our ability to assist you. Applications and all materials are due on or before April 4, 2018, any late applications will not be considered.
Prior to submitting your grant application, please have a copy of the organization's W-9 form to confirm that your organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  You will need to attach the completed W-9 to this application (Question #21). If you need a blank copy of the W-9 to fill out, please click here.  
You will not be able to save your progress while completing this online form. You may wish to format your information in a word document, then "paste" the finished product into this form under the appropriate headings. Please review your online application carefully before you submit it. The entire form must be completed in its entirety in order for your application to be considered.

To be eligible for support, your organization, as well as the purpose for the proposed project/program, must qualify under regulations of the United States Internal Revenue Service. As a result, we are not able to fund requests that do not fit our funding guidelines and/or for individuals. Also, your organization must have a Friendship Visit planned with a cycling team during 2018.

You will receive confirmation of receipt for your electronic submission automatically for the online portion. For inquiries or questions regarding the application process, you may contact Spencer Haworth, regional director of chapter services, directly at (980) 318-5394 or shaworth@abilityexperience.org. 

Please answer all of the application questions. If the question is not applicable, note "N/A".

**Before starting your application, you will need to have your confirmation code that confirms a Friendship Visit is planned with a team this summer. If you have not set up a Friendship Visit for 2018, please contact logistics@abilityexperience.org for availability.

* 1. Please enter your 7 Digit Confirmation Code:

* 2. With which cycling event team do you visit?

* 3. Organization's Name:

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* 5. City:

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* 7. Zip Code:

* 8. Phone Number:

* 9. Fax Number:

* 10. Website:

* 11. 501(c)(3) Tax ID number (EIN):

* 12. Organization's Contact Name (for planning purposes):

* 13. Contact's Email Address:

* 14. What is the name of the organization as it should appear on the grant check?

* 15. How many people does your organization serve?

* 16. Please provide a brief statement of the purpose of the grant to which you are applying and how the funds will be used:

* 17. Briefly describe the organization's history with The Ability Experience, if applicable:

* 18. What will be the benefit to the organization if you receive this grant?

* 19. Does your organization serve a particular population? If so, please elaborate.

* 20. Please share any story that illustrates how a grant from The Ability Experience has previously impacted your organization. 

* 21. Please upload your completed W-9 form to confirm that you are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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