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Tick Talk Ireland are concerned about the lack of public awareness regarding the dangers of Lyme disease.

The HPSC have put together an information leaflet to be distributed to Coillte, the National Trails Office, National Park Visitors Centres and local authorities.

It is our wish to ensure that all major public areas have awareness leaflets available to the public, or where there is a 'leave no trace policy' that a poster at least is displayed.

To assist us in checking if information is reaching the public we need help with the following survey. Those visiting national park areas or nature trails are welcome to participate. Follow up surveys can also be completed if you visit again in the future.

To maintain privacy your IP address will not be recorded by Tick Talk Ireland. Apart from initials, & county of origin, no further personal information is required.

A link to the HPSC leaflet can be found at:


Remember, a Tick in Time saves LYME!

Tick Talk Ireland

"Encouraging awareness, prevention & treatment of Lyme Disease (Borreliosis) in Ireland."

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