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* 2. Low risk predictors for head injury in children less than 2 include all of the following EXCEPT.

* 3. All of the following would be considered a “severe mechanism” for possible head injury in a child under 2 years old EXCEPT.

* 4. Which two clinical factors seem to carry the most risk for traumatic brain injury?

* 5. In children with a GCS of 14 or less the risk of traumatic brain injury by CT scan is.

* 6. If used correctly the prediction rules outlined in the PECARN study would be expected to.

* 7. All of the following are consistent with a simple febrile seizure EXCEPT:

* 8. All of the following are consistent with a complex febrile seizure EXCEPT:

* 9. Having a febrile seizure greatly increases the risk of the child developing epilepsy later in life.

* 10. Patients with a family history of febrile seizures are at greater risk of having a febrile seizure.

* 11. The general agreement is that a seizure lasting more than how many minutes should be treated with benzos.