This survey is being sent to organisations active in the provision of electricity in parts of the world where it is currently unavailable, or very unreliable.  It asks about off-grid electricity systems that you are creating and installing, or that you have installed in the past.
1.     Survey Objectives
2.     Respondent information
3.     Specific Use Case
4.     Detail on this Use Case
5.     Maturity and Service Level
6.     Type of Solution
7.     System Loads
8.     Performance Parameters
9.     Power Connectors
10.  Voltage and Polarity
11.  Communications Protocols
12.  Earthing (grounding)
13.  Fixed Building Wiring
14.  Over-current Protection
15.  Financial Sustainability
16.  Technical Sustainability
17.  The Role of Standards
18.  Conclusion

Survey Objectives

The purpose of the survey is to guide the IEC’s Low Voltage Direct Current Systems Committee in the creation of standards for extending electricity access in accordance with UN Sustainable Development Goal #7 – Universal Electricity Access.   In particular, we are interested in the emergence of de facto standards that should perhaps become formal IEC standards.

The focus is on end-use cases in households, shops, community buildings and small industrial/agricultural operations.  The survey does not cover electricity distribution or heavy industry.

The generated data will be used by the IEC LVDC Systems Committee in the creation of Working Groups for the development of future standards for Low Voltage / Extra Low Voltage electricity access – both DC and off-grid AC.

The questions are relatively technical and detailed, so if you feel there is someone in your organisation more qualified to answer them, please pass the questionnaire on to them.  Some of the questions refer to connector standards, voltages, earthing arrangements etc.

The survey should take no more than 25min to complete.