Model Code of Ethics for Educators Survey

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The purpose of the MCEE is to serve as an ethical guide designed to assist educators in constructing the best course of action when faced with the complexities of P-12 education; establish principles that define ethical behavior and ethical best practice; and to clarify to current and future educators, and to those they serve, the nature of the ethical responsibilities held in common by all educators. By establishing the MCEE, a model of best practice is now available to jurisdictions to adopt or adapt, thereby helping ensure that states, educator preparation providers (EPPs), and schools and districts are effectively equipping educators in ethical understanding and decision making.

The model code is comprised of five domains, which broadly define critical dimensions of ethical practice expected of the professional educator. There are performance indicators that more specifically define aspects within each domain. A glossary is provided towards the end of the Code to define terminology included in this standards document.

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