Randy Pettapiece needs your feedback.

* 1. AUDITOR'S REPORT - Ontario’s independent Auditor General identified many examples of government waste and mismanagement. Which one most concerns you?

* 2. GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY - In light of the Auditor General’s report, how would you rate the provincial government’s ability to properly manage your tax dollars?

* 3. ENERGY COSTS - Do you support the government’s “Fair Hydro Plan,” which borrows $26 billion from future generations to reduce electricity prices in the short term?

* 4. FAMILY DOCTORS - Have you (or someone you know) recently had trouble finding a family doctor in your community?

* 5. LONG-TERM CARE - Across Ontario, over 32,000 people are now on waiting lists for long-term care beds. Are you confident that the government will reduce that number?

* 6. PROTECTING FIREFIGHTERS - Should the government move immediately to a final vote on the bill to improve firefighter safety?

* 7. LOCAL PRIORITIES - What is the most important local project underway in your community? How should the province support it?

* 8. EMAIL UPDATES - Would you like to receive email updates from Randy Pettapiece?