1. CLG Venue Survey

One of the great features of this group is that we hold meetings in a variety of interesting Cambridge locations. However, the CLG committee is finding it increasingly difficult to secure low-cost venues. Please help to keep the membership fee low by telling us about suitable meeting rooms in your institution. Ideally they will allow us to provide our own drinks and dry snacks. Venues who will charge at cost for the room / food, or for corkage only are also of interest. It is extremely helpful if you are willing to liaise with the venue manager on CLG's behalf. Thank you.

* 1. Name of room

* 2. Location

* 3. Is the venue available for free?

* 4. If not, are you able to get it at a reduced rate as a member of the institution?

* 5. Please provide further details if necessary (e.g. approximate cost; conditions for free use)

* 6. Will the venue allow CLG to provide drinks (including alcohol) and dry snacks?

* 7. If no, please provide details (e.g. corkage only; food at cost)

* 8. Your contact details