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One-on-One Business Engagement Sessions are face-to-face business meetings provided to Corporate/Public Agency Members driven by matching opportunities to MBE product/service providers.  

Information provided on this questionnaire will be reviewed by Corporate/Public Agency Members to select MBEs.

Selected MBEs are given the opportunity to take important steps toward supply chain inclusion:
- Introduce your business
- Present your unique selling proposition or value proposition
- Learn how to do business with Corporate/Public Agency Member 
- Build business relationship with Corporate/Public Agency Member

One-on-One Business Engagement Sessions will take place at the 2017 Annual Conference on June 14th at UW Seattle.  To register, please visit the 2017 Annual Conference page or contact the Council at 253-243-6959.

As a corporate/public agency member, you are invited to participate in One-on-One Engagement Sessions.  Please review the MBEs included in this Sourcing List and indicate which MBEs you are interested in meeting with.  We will send you an alert to review the Sourcing List again for any additional MBEs prior to the 2017 Annual Conference.  You will receive your final meeting schedule during the 2017 Annual Conference.

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