Engagement and Consent Forms for Tax Preparation

This is the initial step in our process for tax return preparation. It includes...
1. Engagement Letter
    The ‘Engagement Letter’ outlines our service promise. This form is necessary for our records as it confirms arrangements and responsibilities for ongoing tax services to be provided by Valley National Services, Inc. Your completion of this form indicates that you are agreeing to engage us to complete your tax return(s) and granting us permission to proceed with the tax preparation process. The agreement is effective on the date submitted and will continue to be applicable for annual tax preparation until a written request for termination is received.
2. Consents to Use/Disclose
     In conjunction with the ‘Engagement Letter’ is the ‘Consent to Use/Disclose Tax Return Information’ form. We use this form internally to reference, review, or use any information from your tax return(s). Information is only shared within our affiliated Valley National Financial Advisor (“VNFA”) companies as needed. VNFA will not disclose your information to any non-affiliated third parties. This form will be valid for one year unless you check the box to indicate you approve ongoing consent.
For your convenience, these engagement and consent forms are ongoing, unless otherwise noted. This will allow us to continue our service relationship without asking you to sign forms each year.
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