* 1. What is the grade level of your child? (Check all that apply.)

* 2. Where do you go to find information about what's happening at Hale Kula Elementary? (Check all that apply.)

* 3. Where do you find information about what is happening in your child's classroom? (Check all that apply.)

* 4. What school events or activities did you participate in this year? (Check all that apply.)

* 5. Did the school website provide you with useful information?

* 6. For the next few questions, select the response that best describes how much you agree with the given statement.

My child(ren) receive(s) meaningful and challenging work in school.

* 7. Student thinking and problem-solving are emphasized, not just skills and memorization.

* 8. My child will be prepared to enter the next grade by the end of the school year.

* 9. My child’s teacher provides me with adequate information about what is expected of him/her regarding the academic standards.

* 10. My child’s teacher provides me with adequate information about his/her academic progress.

* 11. The school has the resources, i.e., books, technology, facilities, necessary to help my child(ren) succeed.

* 12. My child(ren) has/have different opportunities to collaborate and communicate with others, think critically, and create and share their learning via technology this school year.

* 13. My child(ren) receive(s) adequate attention and support from his/her teacher.

* 14. My child(ren) receive(s) adequate attention and support from the school's administration, support staff, and counselors.

* 15. The school provides many opportunities for parents to get involved.

* 16. I am a paying member of the Hale Kula Parent Teacher Organization. (Dues are $10/year.)

* 17. I am aware that the Hale Kula PTO provides funding for students and teachers such as paying for a field trip for each grade level, paying for the Hawaii Opera Theatre and an art teacher, and providing grants for teachers who request additional funds.

* 18. Hale Kula Elementary School communicates effectively with parents overall with regard to expectations of students and opportunities for parental involvement.

* 19. The school strives to provide an environment free from bullying, threats, and harassment.

* 20. My child(ren) feels safe at school.

* 21. The school is clean and kept in good repair.

* 22. Overall, I am satisfied with the education my child(ren) is(are) getting at Hale Kula.

* 23. My child has received the following supports in school.

* 24. This year, the School Community Council has been active in improving attendance as well as decreasing the number of tardy students. What is your major barrier to getting your child(ren) to school on-time and ready-to-learn? (select the best answer)

* 25. How can we improve student achievement at Hale Kula? Please limit your response to 50 words.

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