2% of survey complete.

Please read the following text carefully before beginning.


** Please read all instructions very carefully **

*** Please do NOT complete this study if you have already participated in Personal Judgments in Social Situations I***

* Your participation is voluntary and you may discontinue participation at any time during the study.

* In the questionnaire, you will be presented with some stories and questions about them. Please, read the stories and answer the questions carefully.

* In answering the questions, you should assume that everything described by each of the stories is literally true and you should take into account only the facts described by the stories. Please, do not speculate about additional facts not described by the stories.

* There is not a correct answer. Our interest is not to test you, but to know your personal views.

* The stories describe situations where a person dies. This type of situation is also relevant to the legal system. Therefore, while answering the questions, you may envisage what would be the legal view on the matter. However, we are not interested in what you think is the legal view. We are interested in your own opinion. Please, answer according to your own opinion on the matter.

* The survey should take approximately 7-10 minutes to complete.

* At the end of the survey, if you wish you may submit your e-mail address for a chance to win an Amazon gift card for use on Amazon.com. For every 15 participants that enter, one £15 ($20) prize will be drawn. Prizes will be drawn and delivered via e-mail by the end of January, 2010. E-mail addresses will only be used for the purposes of the raffle and will not be distributed or used for other purposes.

* This study involves no risk to participants and has been approved by the History and Anthropology Research Ethics Committee at Queen's University Belfast. The History and Anthropology Research Ethics Committee (REC) recommends policies and monitors their implementation, on the use of human beings as subjects for physical, mental, and social research. Protocols for the use of human subjects in research, whether funded internally or externally, must be approved by the (REC) or in accordance with REC policies and procedures prior to the implementation of the human subject protocol. Violation of procedures and approved protocols can result in the loss of funding from the sponsoring agency or the Queen’s University Belfast and may be interpreted as scientific misconduct. (See Research Policy Office http://www.qub.ac.uk/rrs/webpages/research-governance.htm). Any further questions should be send to paulo.sousa.ICC@gmail.com

Dr. Paulo Sousa, PI, paulo.sousa.ICC@gmail.com
Sarah Allen, Postgraduate Researcher
Institute of Cognition and Culture
Queen's University Belfast