Enter His Gates book overview

We're authors Summer Kinard, M.Div., Th.M. (Tea & Crumples, Hands-On Sunday School) and Charlotte Riggle (Catherine's Pascha), and we are gathering stories from Orthodox Christian families, priests, and ministry leaders about their experience of welcome for children and adults with special needs. We are writing with the blessings of our priests and are in good standing in our local Orthodox parishes. Our forthcoming book, Enter His Gates: Theosis for Families With Special Needs (A Practical Theology of Disability), focuses on welcoming children and families with autism, developmental and learning disabilities, and physical disabilities into the fullness of life in the Orthodox Church. We want to hear from parents, adults with autism, priests and presbyteras/matushkas/kourias, and camp and ministry leaders in every Orthodox jurisdiction about your experiences of welcome in the Orthodox Church.

We will not sell your data to anyone or quote you without permission. The stories we collect might be featured in the book, though you can select the level of acknowledgement or anonymity that you prefer. 

* 1. Of which canonical Orthodox Church are you a member?

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