Online Continuing Education

Complete this quiz for 0.5 hours of CE.  Open Only to Illinois licensed EMS providers.  Electronic certificates will be sent to the email address listed in the contacts.

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Based on the EMS Field Guide for LVAD’s how many different colored models are there

* 3. Where can we locate thee phone number of the facility that implanted the VAD

* 4. When referencing the orange LVAD model does the device alter the EKG rhythm

* 5. When referencing the yellow LVAD model should we perform external CPR

* 6. Should a patient with a light blue LVAD have a palpable pulse

* 7. If an EKG is applied to a patient with a total artificial heart, which rhythm will be displayed on the cardiac monitor

* 8. How can EMS providers determine if any color device is functioning

* 9. Which color does not have an external hand pump

* 10. Which color device will the EKG not correlate with the patients pulse