The vExpert Storage Game Show, VMworld Session #STO6327-SPO, is a light-hearted “family-feud” style session that pits two teams of industry experts against each other in a battle of the wits. 

To do this, we need your help!  Please provide answers to the questions below and we'll use your responses to quiz our panel. 

Then, join us at the session to see the expert panel experience ultimate victory or crushing defeat.

* 1. What is the top benefit of using Virtual Volumes (VVols)?

* 2. What will be the most exciting new storage technology in the year 2020?

* 3. What annoys you the most about storage in VMware environments?

* 4. If you could spend 1/2 as much time on managing your storage, what would you do with the time you save?

* 5. What is the most disruptive data center technology today?

* 6. What is the top reason IT departments DON'T virtualize certain workloads?

* 7. What's the best way to spot a VMware admin in the line at Starbucks?