Rules & Prizes

Rules: Cut off time is at 3:00pm on Tuesday, July 19th. Limit 1 entry per contestant. And have fun!
**We are not guaranteeing that all listed drivers will be present. Do your research if you are unsure.

Standings will be updated the morning after at and on Twitter at @TheDirtNetwork

Prizes are as follows:
1st - $50 Visa Gift Card
2nd - Silver Cup event Tshirt
3rd - TDN Tshirt

Points system
Group Qualifying: 1st (5), 2nd (4), 3rd (3), 4th (2), 5th (1)
Heat Win: 3 Points
Dash Win: 3 Points
Hard Charger: 5 Points
Feature: 1st(50), 2nd(45), 3rd(42), 4th(40), 5th(38), 6th(36), 7th(34), 8th(32), 9th(30), 10th(28), 11th(26), 12th(24), 13th(22), 14th(20), 15th(18), 16th(16), 17th(14), 18th(12), 19th(10), 20th(9), 21st(8), 22nd(7), 23rd(6), 24th(5), 25th(4), 26th(3), 27th(2), 28th(1)