* 1. Where does your child usually get lunch on school days?

* 2. How often does your child buy school lunch?

* 3. If your child does not typically eat in the cafeteria, what is the reason?

* 4. In general, how would you rate the healthiness of the cafeteria

* 5. What changes would you suggest for improving the food served in the cafeteria?

* 6. If the school lunch program was not  available, how much would that impact your family?

* 7. What type of impact would the elimination of the school lunch  program have on your family?

* 8. If the school lunch program continues to operate at a deficit, it adds to the operating budget of the school.  In planning ahead for the 2019-2020 budget, would you be in favor of a moderate  tuition increase in order to keep the school lunch program?

* 9. What is your child's name? (Optional-- If you answer, your child will receive a N.U.T. day pass.