Hello, I am currently a student at SF State trying to compile research data regarding female sexual assault victims' experiences with the criminal justice system; starting from the initial stages of reporting to the sentencing of the offender. All information is being collected on a confidential basis. At the end of this survey, I am asking participants, if they would like, to submit a brief narrative of their experiences [to preserve anonymity, participants can refer to themselves as a pseudonym].

If you have any questions about the survey, feel free to send an email to sexualassaultsurveycj@gmail.com

Thank you so much for your time & help!

* 1. What was the relationship between you & the offender(s)?

* 2. What age(s) were you when the sexual assault(s) occurred?

* 3. Was there any drug/alcohol usage prior to the assault?

* 4. Who was the first person you told about the sexual assault(s)?

* 5. Did you report the assault to law enforcement?

* 6. How soon after the assault did you report to law enforcement?

* 7. Did your case get prosecuted?

* 8. Was the offender convicted?

* 9. Did you receive any support from your city's rape crisis center(s)? Were they helpful?