This is a survey about your internet usage. It is important to be honest and as accurate as possible. This survey is confidential so we will not know your identity.

* 1. 1. What year are you in?

* 2. What is your gender?

* 3. Where do you access the internet? You can choose more than one.

* 4. In a typical day how long do you spend online?

* 5. What social media accounts do you have?

* 6. Do you have personal details such as your name, address, a photo, birth date on your account?

* 7. Have you sent your picture to someone else using a device for example email, by text, by social media?

* 8. Have you encountered a situation online which made you feel uncomfortable?

* 9. Have you been pressured to do something online that made you feel uncomfortable?

* 10. Have you ever been cyberbullied?

* 11. Have you ever cyberbullied?

* 12. Do you parents monitor your use of the internet or your phone?