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* 1. Currently, we have the market scheduled for Saturdays only.

It turns out that the JACC Main Hall is frequently busy with other events on Saturdays: We have six more weeks, and of those, three have weddings, which will prevent the Hall from being used as a "rain venue" on those days.

Also, Saturdays are a slow cruise ship day usually.

On Sundays the hall is not rented with any conflicting events through the remainder of the summer and there are at least five ships in on all of them.

The down side to Sundays is that the Care-a-van does not operate, so people relying on that mode of transportation will be unable to participate.

So what do you think: Should we change the weekly Market to Sundays now?
Or should we stay the course for this summer and move it next year?

* 2. We have moved to having all booths, both the Farmers and the Artists, open for 10 am - 2 pm.

Are these the best hours?
Or do you prefer other hours?

Please rank the options.

  Best choice Second choice Third choice Fourth well if I have to
Saturdays 10 - 2
Saturdays other time, noted below
Sundays 10 - 2
Sundays 11 - 3
Sundays 9 - 2

* 3. Please add other thoughts:

I want to thank each of you for participating in this Market effort. The community is enthusiastic about it - They are looking for fresh food, and they are looking for interesting and creative arts and crafts. The Market makes a nice family event and brings folks together. Also, your efforts are helping us to support the JACC during the summer months when rentals (except for Saturdays!) are much slower than during the winter. We really appreciate it. Any thoughts you have on ways to improve, let me know. Thanks! Nancy

* 4. Optional: Provide your name and contact information.