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2. Which of the following are benefits of adhering to the ‘Copy Exact’ philosophy? (select the best answer)

3. What makes for a good Qualified Process? (select the best answer)

4. From the customer’s perspective, there is no such thing as a minor or small change to a qualified process used in making a critical part.

5. Quality is the responsibility of ______.

6. Business and Financial penalties can be invoked due to ‘Copy Exact’ violations.

7. A ‘Copy Exact’ violation occurs when Neutronics Inc. or one of its suppliers makes an uncontrolled and/or undocumented change to a critical part in a system configuration without prior customer notification and approval in the case of a customer defined critical part.

8. Suppliers are responsible for the ‘Copy Exact’ compliance of their sub-tier suppliers - parts, raw materials, special processes, etc.

9. Neutronics Inc. is required to notify our customers and obtain approval for which of the following changes to critical parts and/or assemblies? (select the best answer)

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