* 1. How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague?

Not at all likely
Extremely likely

* 2. Overall, are you satisfied with the employees at KIPP: TECH VALLEY, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with them, or dissatisfied with them?

* 3. How often do you help your child understand the content he or she is learning in school?

* 4. How much effort does your child put into school-related tasks?

* 5. How much effort do you put into helping your child learn to do things for himself/herself?

* 6. On average, how well does your child work independently on learning activities at home?

* 7. How regularly does your child read for fun?

* 8. How motivating are the classroom lessons at your child's school?

* 9. How often do you watch the KTVN weekly broadcast on www.kipptechvalley.org?

* 10. Compared to our competitors, is our service quality better, worse, or about the same?