1. Introduction and Contact Information

The current contract between WSNA and your local unit expires November 15, 2019. WSNA will begin negotiations with VMMC Administration this year. This survey is our first step in our preparation for contract negotiations. Your input is critical to determining our priorities as we head to the bargaining table. It is vital that we know your issues and concerns prior to the start of the negotiations.

Take a moment to complete this survey NOW. The power of representation comes from the willingness of Registered Nurses to unite; our strength is in unity! Remember in order for WSNA to be an effective, strong, influential voice for you at the negotiation table, we need your membership and involvement.

Please provide us with your current contact information. WSNA and your negotiating team members do not share this information with anyone. It is only collected so that we may contact you if we have questions and so we may share important information with you regarding current negotiations and issues.

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* 1. Contact Information