Chesapeake Research Consortium (CRC) is a non-profit organization with six institutional members*: Johns Hopkins University, University System of Maryland, Smithsonian Institute, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Old Dominion University, and Pennsylvania State University. For more information, please visit our current website:
* On 20 September, 2016, Virginia Tech’s Office of the President accepted an invitation for Virginia Tech to join as the seventh member institution.

* 1. What is your level of familiarity with the Chesapeake Research Consortium (CRC)?

* 2. Do you feel that the following vision statement accurately summarizes what the CRC is?:
“The Chesapeake Research Consortium is a nonprofit association of six institutions that support research and education on problems affecting the Chesapeake Bay and other regions. The consortium works to assemble multi-disciplinary scientific expertise to advance scientific understanding and otherwise foster improved science-based management of estuarine systems and watersheds across the region and throughout the world.” Please respond with "Yes" or "No" and a brief explanation

* 3. What can the CRC do to fully realize its potential in advancing scientific training, and education? Choose options from the list below.

* 4. What can the CRC do to fully realize its potential in advancing scientific understanding? Choose options from the list below.

* 5. What can the CRC do to fully realize its potential in fostering science-based management? Choose options from the list below.

* 6. Do you have recommendations on what else the CRC could be doing to further its role in promoting the best science for the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed?

* 7. Who do you feel is the primary audience for the CRC website? What kind of information might this audience come to the CRC website to find?

* 8. Are there specific functions or sections you would like to see within a revised CRC website?

* 9. In addition to an updated website and a new quarterly newsletter, how can CRC best improve communications and outreach?

* 10. CRC has previously sponsored some large-scale Chesapeake Bay science and management oriented conferences.  Is this an area where the CRC should be doing more, e.g. by promoting more stand-alone events or in conjunction with other events? Or should more CRC time and resources be dedicated elsewhere?

* 11. . Please tell us more about yourself if you wish. You can simply provide your name and affiliation if you wish (and especially so if you would welcome follow-up conversation with the CRC director), or perhaps you’d just like to anonymously tell us about what you do and the nature of your relationship with Chesapeake Bay science.