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This is a survey FOR VMI CADETS ONLY on their reactions to the speech by Governor Northam on Nov 15, 2021. 

You may respond and include your name or respond "non-attribution".

Although you will be asked for an VMI e-mail address, THIS WILL NOT BE DISCLOSED AND WILL BE DELETED. It is only to ensure that responses are ONLY from VMI Cadets.

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* 2. VMI Class

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* 3. What did you like MOST in the Governor's Speech"?

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* 4. What did you like LEAST in the Governor's speech?

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* 5. Other comments on the Governor's speech

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* 6. Your VMI Email
NOTE: Your email will be purged from the system and will not be shared once we verify you are a Cadet at VMI. This survey is only for current cadets and we want to ensure the input is only from the Corps. The Cadet is independent of VM or any office and all information gathered is protected by The Cadet.

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* 7. If you want to be quoted put your name and class here

NOTE: AS PROMISED QUOTES USED WILL BE ANONYMOUS UNLESS YOU SPECIFICALLY GIVE PERMISSION, but some cadets indicated they wanted to have them attributed to them so they knew their words were heard.

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