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Code to help others bookmark your posts on etc
Code to search/track links to your post on Technorati
Trackback and Haloscan basics
RSS feeds for your blog and using Feedburner
Tool for searching your blog
How to post code in a textarea (and force new lines in a textarea on Blogger)
Anti-spam disposable email addresses
Portable MP3 recorders - must-have for musicians
Hard drive DVD video recorders (PVRs or DVRs) and hooking them up
More Technorati tidbits (tags; claiming blogs etc)
Basics on using Blogger that I've learned (step by step from scratch)
About this survey tool I'm trying out!
PC tips I've found helpful
Google Desktop Search 1.0 review vs. Furl etc
Maxtor OneTouch external USB/Firewire drive, partitioning (Partition Magic), backup, Ghost - review and use
More motorcycle/scooter thoughts (CBT; buying)
Digital camera gotchas for beginners

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