Caflicks Startup Survey

* 1. Given a choice, what name would you choose?

* 2. How might you rate the following

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Our mission
Our stated method of video selection
Overall concept of uniting Catholic video
Usefulness of uniting Catholic video
Your likeliness of sharing videos with family (close or extended)
Your likeliness using videos to supplement religious education
Your likeliness of using this service for personal faith development
Your likeliness of using this service to be better able to defend or explain your faith

* 3. Your experience

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Ease of Use
Time it takes to pull up a page

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* 5. Your Interest Level

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Information can be valuable
Likely to return to website
Likely to visit our content providers
I would share videos with others
I would share website with others
I would ask permission to put a poster in my parish
I would subscribe to SOME topic notifications
I would financially support during a fundraiser
I would rather see ads than financially support

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