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1. Which Microsoft certifications titles do you hold today? Please list.

2. When was the last time you took an exam?

3. Where do you live?

4. What career stage do you consider yourself in?

5. What part of a welcome kit do you care about or use the most often? Please rate in order of your opinion on the following:

  Extremely Important Very important Somewhat important Important Least important
Wallet card that shows your credentials
Logoed merchandise
Paper certificate for the wall or portfolio
Online certificate
Transcript access to print and share

6. How much do paper certificates impact your satisfaction of the MCP program?

7. Would a high quality credential paper certificate, along with an updated wallet card, but no longer having individual exam paper certificates, have an impact on your value perception of the MCP program?

8. How do you receive your paper certificate today?

9. Do you today print your paper certificates yourself?

10. What do you use your paper certificates for today? Examples of answers may be: hang on the wall; File; throw away.